Maya Ellis Productions

Director & Designer: Kerry Kyriacos Michael

Associate Designer: Kitty Hinchcliffe

Lighting and Projection: Will Monks

Photo: Steve Gregson

Ali and Dahlia
The Pleasance, London

Nominated for Best Video Designer: Off West End Awards

“the sparse metallic construct… leaves everything to stark imagination under Will Monks’ steady lighting.” - Simon Jenner, Fringe Review

“Will Monks’ fascinating projection on every wall adds a valuable immersive quality and brings the reality of the West Bank and Gaza to North London” - Maryam Philpott, The Reviews Hub

Althea Theatre

Co-Directors: Lilac Yosiphon, Mike Cole, Annie-Lunette Deakin-Foster

Lighting and Projection: Will Monks

Photo: Lisa Crisafulli

Jericho’s Rose
The Hope Theatre, London

“The lighting and projection by Will Monks is attractive and makes best use of the small and stark space in the Hope Theatre” - Kris Witherington, West End Wilma

“Lighting Design and Projection by Will Monks, further adds to [the clear sense of bewilderment] and we, as audience members, can really feel as though we are stepping into the minds of these troubled individuals.” - Emily K Neal, The Spy in the Stalls

“effective lighting (occasionally stunning) of Will Monks.” - Ian, There Ought to be Clowns

“the suggestion of location is cleverly achieved through Will Monks’ lighting design” - Saskia Coomber, A Younger Theatre

Lung Theatre

Director: Matt Woodhead

Lighting: Will Monks

Photo: The Other Richard

Trojan Horse
Summerhall, Edinburgh

Winner of the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award and Fringe First Award 2018

“powerfully lit by Will Monks” Mark Fisher, The Guardian

Slot Machine Theatre

Co-Directors: Nicola Blackwell, Nick Tigg and Fiona Creese

Design: Nicola Blackwell

Lighting and Projection: Will Monks

The Boy, The Piano and The Beach
Brighthelm Centre, Brighton Festival

“…digital patterns and colours that articulate the music on a different plane.” - Beccy Smith, Total Theatre

“A show of light projections and shadows complemented and added to the ethereal enchantment.” - Tania Deaville, The Argus

“[The projection] added to the sense of the boy’s quest through different dimensions. In addition, sometimes the dancers were lit so that they cast giant shadows on the sides of the room, increasing the atmosphere of epic otherworldliness.” - Zelah Senior, Fringe Review

Stay Up Late Collective

Director: Natasha Hyman

Design: Liam Bunster

Movement: Natasha Harrison

Lighting: Will Monks

Photo: Meurig Marshall

Yokes Night
Gerry’s On Stage Theatre Royal Stratford East, London

“The thumping beats of Dubstep and Trance blaring, the strobe and UV lighting glaring, the dark, mysterious corners… the team behind the revamped production of Yokes Night have certainly got the rave scene down to a T.” - Phoebe Cole, The Spy in the Stalls

“the lighting and loud music of the nightclub surroundings heighten the person’s sensations even more.” - Chris Omaweng, London Theatre 1

Co-Directors: Helena Middleton, Jack Drewry

Design: Ruby Spencer Pugh

Lighting Design: Will Monks

Photo: Jack Offord

Then Again
UK Tour

“[the] cast make full use of some nifty electronic props… wheeling around gadgets on stage that flash, beep and ping” - Brian Penn, Everything Theatre

“inventive lighting” - Aphra Evans, Bristol 24/7

The Bare Project

Director: Max Cunningham

Lighting and Projection: Will Monks

Photo: Joseph Samuel Priestley

On the Outskirts of a Large Event
UK Tour

“My personal highlight of the piece was the projections, provided by Will Monks. Cast on to five tall pieces of translucent material which were suspended from the ceiling, these complemented the action perfectly and provided a gorgeous backdrop which I could have stared at for hours.” - Daniel Shipman, Upstaged Manchester

“Five columns of gauze-like fabric enclose the tightly defined performance space and serve as a canvas for Will Monks’ moody lighting and intricate projections.” - Circles & Stalls

“visuals and staging are without fault” - Andrea Allen, The Reviews Hub

Paperbark Theatre and Thinking Aloud

Director: Audrey Sheffield

Design: Jemima Robinson

Lighting: Will Monks

The Dark Room
Theatre 503, London

Nominated for Best Lighting Designer: Off West End Awards

“some cracking lighting by Will Monks” - Amy Stow, London Theatre 1

“Will Monks designed the lighting, a key element to the horror style” - Viola Patrick, Live Theatre UK

“lighting designer Will Monks creating some genuinely unnerving effects” - Theatre Things

“The slight hint of the supernatural sets it off really well – helped in no small way by Will Monks’ impressive lighting design.” - Debbie, Mind the Blog

“The eerie lighting (Will Monks) added a touch of horror” - Stephanie Legg, The Spy in the Stalls